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Plan sailing and motor boat routes directly from your PC
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TZ Navigator is a popular traveling utility that's best known for its effective navigation and route planning features. This application might prove to be of good use to people who practice recreational sailing or own motor boats and require extra navigation help while traveling to new sites.

Before using the program, it's best that you download and install additional navigation chart data. After you purchase the license for this app, you will receive an email from the developer containing the download URLs for the ordered chart data. Download the ZIP files and save them to My Document -> My TIMEZERO -> Downloaded Charts folder. Afterwards, simply launch the application on your PC and TZ Navigator will install the navigation chart data.

The utility enables you to create sailing routes, check weather forecasts and GPS status, and so much more. TZ Navigator is very intuitive and you can easily find the option you need by accessing the panels from the left and right sides of the interface. You can find additional options in the main menu of the program and easily configure logbook, routing, and target settings according to your needs.

In addition, the app gives you access to a comprehensive help manual which covers every function or feature this program has to offer. If you still need extra help while using the utility, you should try contacting the support service team and get the solutions you require without delay.

There's also a Professional edition available. It provides you with extra useful features and is a bit more expensive than the standard edition of the program. If you don't need the supplementary features and want to save your money for your travels, I'd suggest you to acquire the basic version of the utility. The standard edition brings you plenty of useful navigation options, works 100%, and is intuitive.

Margie Smeer
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  • Provides you with a comprehensive help guide
  • Allows you to plan routes and mark map locations
  • Offers you accurate weather forecasts
  • Brings you multiple navigation options


  • External chart data upload
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